Has having tinnitus made you give up any bad habits?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Emma, Mar 3, 2013.

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      Has tinnitus made you give up any "bad" habits, bad being subjective of course.

      -I don't worry about minor inconveniences anymore and wish I had been less anxious in the past. Getting the wrong change by a few cents back from a sales clerk is no longer grounds for getting upset. Who cares about petty stuff anymore?

      -Well, I never smoked, and am not going to start. The ent said tobacco can make T worse.

      -Drinking more water instead of soda. T can be draining and keeping hydrated makes me feel better. Caffeine in soda can be dehydrating.

      - No longer taking my ears for granted. Hearing protection is used when somewhere loud.

      - I have been less messy lately. I clean up to keep myself busy and cleaner surroundings are less stressful.

      - Stop neglecting other health concerns. I think T makes you more conscious of your body and health I think. Now when I have a toothache, I dont ignore it, telling myself not to worry about it for now. The body tells us when something is wrong, and we should listen to it!
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      I have had to lessen my sugar and salt intake. I eat many more fruits and veggies. I used to loosely schedule my exercise for 2-3 times a week, well now it is mandatory. I used to get by on less than 7 hours of sleep but the disruption my T causes also forces me to focus on getting adequate rest. No more artificial sweeteners and I only occasionally drink a cup of coffee now (I used to have at least one cup a day).
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      Unfortunately, my main vice prior to T was drinking Cokes. Unfortunately, I did not have a whole lot of vices to give up. I should have enjoyed while I could have...;) I have actually picked up drinking an ounce or so of red wine everyday to help calm me down at the end of the day. So maybe I picked up one.

      Not that I am Olympic runner or anything, but since having my son, who is 9 now, I was already on the quest for healthier foods. Ones with no high-fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate, lean meats, as much natural as possible - not a freak about organic though. After the first few weeks of T where nothing tasted good at all, I really enjoy tasting my food again.

      I have always had a booming voice, and I think I have become a little quieter. I love music, and have found that I am now listening at a lower level. I am certainly more appreciative of a good nights sleep, my family, sunlight after a dreary winter. I still drink a cup of coffee each morning, and about half of a soda at lunch, and greatly enjoy them. So, trying to enjoy all of life with the ringing, hissing, and weirdo noises comin' outta my head. My family has always been the most important thing to me, and keeps me movin' each day, as well as all of you! Thanks!

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      I have a horrible tinnitus. Refraining from eating and drinking aggravators just helps reduce it to the state of being terrible, not a great motivation for me to watch out what I eat or drink.

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