Have You Tried Olbas Oil?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lisa Robinson, Oct 24, 2014.

    1. Lisa Robinson

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      Doesn't cure or help much with tinnitus but helps with pressure and it's amazing you can feel it in your ears. If you suffer with ETD which im not sure if I do yet. Put it in hot warred couple of drops that is and put a towel over your head and Inhale. I did this tonight after some blockage feeling I was experiencing and I feel a little bit better.

      Doctor said this type of thing can help.
    2. Kopesy

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      I'll never know
      I've done something similar with some Vapor rub, worked nicely for my sinuses. Will have to see if I can get hold of any of this Olbas Oil.
    3. Marlene

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      Bacterial virus
      I was told to dab Vick / Olbas Oil ,behind ears ,on mastoid bones down to base of ear .That told to me from an old time sufferer.Try anything I say .
    4. David J

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      Olbas.........GREAT stuff!!!!!! It'll cure what ails ya!
    5. lost horizons

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      June 2014
      Well, has anyone's t gotten better with this olbas oil vapors?

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