Hearing Aid Brands/Models That Work for Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by josh77, Aug 25, 2016.

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      Quick info: After a year I finally went to get a hearing test and hearing aid. All loss is in the 4k range. Much worse in my left. Loss is due to noise exposure.

      Hearing aid: The audiologist suggest the Resound Linx2 so that the one I went with. Paid $2700 for one.

      My experience: When the hearing aid function properly, my T is reduced. I was thrilled!
      But most of the time the hearing aid has a lot of static or just cuts off. Either I have a defective unit or this brand/model is junk.

      I'd love to know what Brand/Model those of you have tried and your experience with them.
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      Maybe all the HA people with T don't come here anymore because they work.
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      That's exactly the model I have as well. You should go back to your audiologist and let them know what it is doing because it should not do that. Mine actually worked great for about 10 months and then I had similar problems with it cutting out. They sent it back for a free warranty fix and it has been great ever since.

      The static could mean it needs some adjustment with the 'wind noise' settings.

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      @josh77 your hearing loss is the same as mine - in the 4K range. I've only had my hearing aid for a couple of days and the audiologist has set it up as a masker only. She was going to set up some amplification but changed her mind. Do you mind me asking how bad your 4K dip is please? (Mine is I around 45 db) I'm finding that the masker helps take the edge off the tinnitus but I can't help thinking that the hearing aids I have - Siemens Pure x 2 - are a bit expensive just for maskers.
      I have the hearing aid on 30 days trial and am due to go back for a progress check next week. I may ask for some amplification then.
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      I'm not sure about the dip at the 4k range but my audiologist did say the "volume" of my tinnitus is 10db. Which is very loud. When the HA does work, I do notice I have a bit of tinnitus in my right ear. There was a dip at 4k in my right ear, just not nearly as bad. I guess I never noticed any noise in my right ear because the left is so bad. I do find some relief using just amplification during the day then at night I use the amplification+masker to sleep.

      On a side note, if you need a good masking track to play, try anything with crickets. I have the track playing all day long.
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      Hi Mike, glad to hear this model has some hope. In researching online, it seems a lot of people have had to send it in for repair. Thanks for the tip on the wind noise setting. I'll have my audiologist take a look at that one.

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