Hearing Aids — Question About the Frequencies They Cover

Discussion in 'Support' started by brody24, Sep 11, 2015.

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      I have a history of ear problems that have caused hearing loss (infections, hole in ear drum, etc.). Just recently had a tympanomastoidectomy (removal of infection in mastoid, and reconstruction of eardrum and hearing bones), which actually helped improve my low frequency hearing to even better than it was pre-op. The high-end frequency hearing, however, is very poor (even worse than before surgery). This has led to some really annoying T since surgery. As for hearing, once the frequency hits about 4 kHz, I can just barely make it out. At 5 kHz, I don't hear a thing. Surgeon said the high-pitched T is due to my inability to process the higher-frequency sounds.

      My hope is to get a hearing aid aimed at filling in those higher-end frequencies (thus allowing me to hear higher pitched sounds while also alleviating the T to some extent). I assume this 4 - 7/8 kHz range is a range that current hearing aids can reliably help fill in? Haven't spoken yet with my doc about it, but I will soon.
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      Hearing aids can actually be programmed up to 12khz on at least one brand and model I know. I'm not sure if there are any others. The Siemens Primax 7px can be programmed up to 12khz. I actually tried it and had the hearing aid guy make a few tweaks in frequency amplifications and they were the best aids I have ever used. You will have to get an extended audiogram though that goes up that high to find out if you have loss above 8khz.

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