Hearing Cricket Like Noises from External Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by Darby, Sep 9, 2021.

    1. Darby

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Hi - I recently got tinnitus in my left ear that the ENT diagnosed as acoustic trauma induced.

      The tinnitus has been slowly improving over the past couple of months.

      But since last week I have been hearing cricket like noises whenever I hear external sounds like fans, fridges etc. These sounds feel like they are coming from my head or both of my ears this time? I'm not sure it's hard to tell.

      I'm just freaking out because the ringing from my left ear has improved greatly since the night I got it and now this has happened.

      I booked in to see the ENT again next week but was wondering if anyone has experience with this?

      Thank you.
    2. Stacken77

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      Noise (likely headphones & cars), Acoustic trauma did me in

      This sounds a lot like what we refer to as "sound distortions" on the forum. It's not really clear what causes them, but it is probably a sign of hearing damage. I had a very similar experience to you right after my acoustic trauma, and it resolved completely after a few weeks, so it could definitely improve. It is a bit odd that it developed so late after onset though.

      Wish you all the best,
    3. kingsfan

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      turning everything up to 11
      Yea this seems to be pretty common amongst the forum, myself included. Mine has changed, come and gone, and returned. I think it can be cause by both secondary noise traumas and over protecting the ears, so it's really difficult to pin-point exactly what could be causing it and how to alleviate it.

      I feel like just gradually exposing myself to sound over time helped the first time. Now I'm dealing with it again after knocking a metal table leg over onto my hardwood floor, so I'm trying to figure out what steps to help ease it away this time.
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    4. Tau
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      2019-Concert, 2021-headphones/acoustic trauma at 110dB,16kHz
      I hear beeps, hums and sometimes cricket sounds over external noise. I think it's a combination of hyperacusis (some frequencies getting amplified around your tinnitus frequency) and recruitment (adjacent inner hair cells get 'recruited' to fire when you should be hearing a frequency you're missing due to hearing loss).
    5. Sointu
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      Music festival
      I am sorry you have this symptom. I suffer from same type of symptoms as a result of acoustic trauma caused by a rock concert. My left ear seems to be more affected. I had this type of symptom at first and then it seems like it has returned. I don´t know why.

      This type of symptom seems to come and go because it was a bit better for some time. I hear a high pitch sound on top of certain external sounds and when the external sound stops, so does this other high pitch sound. Many sounds sound weird because of this, distorted. It is not only cricket like noise in my case but sometimes I would describe it as whistling sound or a bit electric sound. I have noticed that certain frequencies seem to trigger this symptom more. Like certain lower frequencies. Like traffic sound, shower sound, and even some white noise sounds.

      Do you deal with hyperacusis?
    6. KBombRN

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      How is your tinnitus?? I have what people like to call “reactive timnitus”. Audiologist that specializes in tinnitus says it’s not uncommon. Acoustic trauma can heal but that may take up to 6 months.

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