Heavy Breathing Makes Tinnitus Way Worse

Discussion in 'Support' started by bob bauer, Sep 2, 2017.

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      hearing loss- medication
      Every time I see the doc, and he brings out the stethoscope to check my heart and he says to take a deep breathe and hold it, then exhale my tinnitus gets really loud for about 10-20 seconds then it goes back down.

      What causes this, and has anyone experienced something similar?

      This is actually how my tinnitus started 12 years ago, heavy breathing.
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      Acoustic Trauma
      I can hear it too when I breathe deeply. I suppose that extra oxygen goes in, circulation improves -> more blood in inner ear where there are damaged cells. And it is because we focus on sounds that are generated by our body that we hear it more louder.

      Tinnitus is a caused by the signal that the damaged cells send to our brain.

      Tinnitus can be managed by where your attention is.

      There is no such thing as accepting tinnitus - tinnitus is not a part of me - - so I treat it as such. So, I recently try to think of my tinnitus as externally generated - like a computer fan so I won't be bothered by it. I suggest you should breathe deeply in 5 minute sessions. 5 minutes once a day. Then 10 minutes once a day. Or repeated throughout the day whenever you like.

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