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      Hello everyone,

      I have been hooked 24/7 to this forum over the last two months so I decided it was time to introduce myself here. I think I have read almost every comment/post and feel like a already know some of you personally. My name is Luuk (Luke) and I am 22 years and live in The Netherlands and probably got my T from excesses music through my Ipod over the last decade. My T is probably mild in nature but me obsessing over it probably makes it a lot worse experience for me.

      I am not going to lie, the last two months have been the hardest of my life. I never felt so much anxiety, fear and stress throughout my whole life. Throughout the day I can usually manage, I life in the City center of a relatively large city in The Netherlands and with the windows open there is usually enough noise to make me not focus on my T however if i look for it i can hear it. Nights are a different story as I have developed some major sleeping problems. I feel like this also has a direct effect on the loudness of my T. Two weeks ago I was way more relaxed and managed to get around 8-10 hours of sleep a night without masking sounds.

      That being said I decided that enough is enough and I have taken steps to cope with the sounds in my head. After multiple GP visits I decided to make an ENT appointment (I think I already know how that's going to turn out... lol) and starting CBT and acupuncture in the coming weeks. While I feel compassionate with every sufferer on this forum I know that is possible to live a normal life with T it just takes time and mental toughness to adjust to this annoyance.

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      Hey Luuk,

      You are simply going through the stages of getting used to it :).

      I had Tinnitus on and off for a while until it dissapeared. Now I have mild sound sensitivity (primarilly to car breaks) due to an ambulance deciding to blast its siren next to me.

      Four months in with mild sound sensitivity, while I am cautious on not to make this worse I am not panicking.

      With Tinnitus the key is to not panic, or think about it (easier said than done I know). By ignoring it and getting on with your life you sap its lifeforce and it will fade into the back of your mind as the brain loses interest.

      Take it easy and see you around

      Tom (nearly sign that as just T lol)
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      Welcome to the forum @Luuk. Thanks for the positive post and update about your T journey. It seems you have a good handle on your T right now with some very helpful suggestions of effective strategies as below quoted. That is why you are recovering and gaining on T by following these good strategies. You are welcome to stay around to help others who can learn from your story and positive attitude. Take good care. God bless.


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