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      Hi all.

      Just stumbled across this forum while doing some research. My PT started in January 2019,, I was going through a stressful time with work (joy of working in sales), which triggered a migraine (which I believe was the cause of my PT). The headaches cleared up but the PT remained. When it first started I went 4 days without sleeping because of the sound, I was unable to not focus on it. I was terrified. I then began taking sleeping tablets to get me to sleep but I then was beginning to feel drowsy during the day so came off them. I worked out away to not focus on the sound when trying sleep and to only lie on my left side, which is helping.
      I had an MRI 6 weeks ago and I am just waiting to hear my results.

      I would be interested to know if stress could be the reason for my PT???

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      never trust a doctor
      Stress is a strange one. There is no conclusive evidence that stress can cause tinnitus in general, but tinnitus sometimes starts around the time off stress. But there may be other factors at play, too.

      There are probably many differing opinions on the role of stress.

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