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      I've had tinnitus for the past 6months now and I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out what's causing it. It started in early July in my right ear as a high-pitched ringing noise, and it seems to be changing all the time. Sometimes it sounds like the whine of a VCR, or the chirping of crickets, the ringing of a bell, the sound of wind chimes, etc. Basically, it changes all the time and some sounds are more bearable than others. I've been to several doctors since then, the fist two said I had fluid in my middle ear and gave me medicine for it. After going in for a check up, I was told the fluid was gone, but the ringing still persists. This was probably around 3 or 4 months ago. I've also been using a night guard for my teeth to see if my jaw might be causing the problem (I have an overbite). I've still not really had many improvements. My hyperacusis has greatly improved, but that's really it. When I pop my ears (Or yawn, hiccup or inwardly burp) the right one makes a strange sound and gets really itchy. Also, when I'm in the car, I feel sharp blips of pain in my right ear and it will pop, it also occasionally feels very painful when I'm in the shower. (It also just pops randomly at times) The sound also has a tendency to get louder when I yawn. Also, If I get up too quickly, I'll feel dizzy and the sound will change to that of a buzzing mixed with a high-pitched ring. Despite this, the doctors tell me that they're no signs of redness, inflammation or fluid in my ear. Can anyone please tell me what the cause of this is? Thank you!
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      Hi @mindydoss--welcome to Tinnitus Talk!

      It's hard to say what caused it with absolute certainty and I would leave that diagnosis to an ENT, but most likely if you had an ear infection of some kind when it started, the infection could have caused damage to your inner ear. If you had or have had noise induced hearing loss, that also could be a factor. I can tell you my story--I woke up one morning in the midst of a horrible sinus infection where my ears felt like they were having trouble clearing from an airplane ride with ringing in my ears. I got treated with antibiotics but the ringing didn't go away and got worse the first few months. Over time, my ringing in my left ear has remained but at a less intense level and has become much more manageable.

      It is frustrating because there is no real reliable way to "get rid" of this type of tinnitus other than over time, which, although many will say that "they know a person whose tinnitus disappeared" I am not sure that is truly the case. But I can tell you that I've moved on with my life and it no longer is a major stress point in my life, if that is any help for you. (Actually the baby in my arms in my avatar has occasionally caused spikes, but going to work with soft music all day tends to settle the ears down a bit.)

      There are more at this forum who will be able to help you and you've come to the right place. Take care.
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      Hi, thanks for responding! The first doctor I went to wasn't an ENT, but I went to two different ENT's after that. The first doctor (our family doctor) and the first ENT both told me I had fluid an my ear and gave me medicine. I went to the second ENT and he told me there wasn't any fluid or inflammation. I also don't have any hearing loss, I had a hearing test done as well and they told me my hearing was perfect. This condition is extremely frustrating to say the least and I don't plan to stop until I find a doctor that gives a satisfactory answer. If I can't find one who will help me, I'll change my major and find the solution myself. I hate relying on these doctors, because they don't have the condition themselves and can't empathize with me, and I feel vey blown off because of this. Sorry for ranting, the last few months have been very bad for me and I just needed to let off some steam to someone willing to listen. Thanks, and good luck with your cute baby!
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