Hello - Desperately Need Help in St. Louis!

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      Hello, everyone--I am actually here looking for support for my husband, Michael, via his request.

      He had a sudden onset of tinnitus 5 years ago, after having 70% hearing loss in right ear for most of his life (he is now 50). He visited the Washington U. clinic at that time, and tests did not determine any physically attributable cause for the tinnitus. He successfully habituated until 02/2014, when his sound suddenly changed, increased in volume, and most distressing of all, travelled to his "good" left ear, as well.

      He describes his severity level at Grade 5, "catastrophic".

      This new development has caused chronic insomnia and deepening depression, including frequent thoughts of death, a vicious cycle I know many of you are all too familiar with. His own research into treatments has led him to fear any meds or therapies that might cause worsening of his condition, as well as a fear of trying therapies that just don't work, as that lessens hope of help. At this point, we've agreed that he really needs a counselor that can help him with CBT, and get the depression/anxiety under control. He went back to Wash U. in April, but didn't get much hope or help there.

      Any referrals to Doctors, Therapists, Clinics, etc. in the St. Louis area would be appreciated more than you can know. At this point, we are also willing to travel, if absolutely necessary. Our insurance is not good, but you have to do what you have to do! I found this website while researching Dr. Jennifer Gans and the mindfulness therapy she is leading. This is the type of therapy my husband is most looking for.

      Thank you all so much for having this group and your support.
      Nita Reddy
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      Noise exposure?
      @Nita R. I was reluctant to take medications. When needed it helps me sleep(Ambien and XANAX) to sleep. Prozac for depression. Xanax appears to change the pitch of my T. Xanax is a known helper for many. Read some of posts. Have him consult a doctor.
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    3. BobDigi
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      I can't give any advise as i don't know enough to advise anyone on anything. And i live in England. But i was just wondering if you have looked into therapy online. For instance skype chats with a professional?
      Just an idea. Good luck to your husband. And fairplay to you for helping him.
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      Who Knows
      Hi Nita, first off you're husband is very fortunate to a wife as caring and understanding as you. I would recommend, if he hasn't already done so, to go through the various forums here himself, he will see he is not alone in this. "The Positivity Thread" under Support is a good place to start. From there he can branch out...
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      Dr.Diane Duddy at wash. U
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      I also live in the ST.L I've had T for a very long time if your husband can weather the storm he'll be fine took me about 4 months after my T went from a 1 to 7 out of ten to get use to it.
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      Mask the T sound with Tinnitus maskers at night and even during the day if the T noise interferes during the day.
      Luckily I don't really notice my T during the day due to other sounds, but at night I have to use rainfall music.

      Work with a ENT doctor and/or Audiologist and they can help you with maskers. Google Tinnitus clinic in your area and call them up.

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