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    1. Dubbyaman

      Dubbyaman Member Advocate

      Northern Indiana
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      Excessive loud noise
      Hi Doc,

      I've been a severe tinnitus sufferer for 3 years and change now. I watched your webinar recently and really enjoyed it. A lot of the things you said in that video define my way of thinking. I am in a constant pattern of worry, anxiety, shame and frustration.

      I developed this condition from hours and hours of super loud headphones everyday for 9 months straight. I had no clue about how hearing worked, decibel levels or anything.

      My left ear is pretty much shot. Moderate to severe HL in that ear which is also the bad tinnitus ear. The thing is my ears never rang once temporarily. I experienced the other sign which was dull hearing.

      My tinnitus is cyclical and unpredictable. Low days are easy to ignore but loud days are very hard.

      While my hearing problems are my fault, I am very enraged that there is no awareness out there.

      Why is a condition that is so common, so invisible in terms of awareness in your opinion?

      Another problem I have is, I am a video editor and still use headphones to edit videos (at low volume of course).

      Since July of last year, I've started to experience distortion in my right ear along with a low hum. I am frightened to death of the future and I'm only 35 which is more depressing.

      Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

      Does severe tinnitus lead to other mental disorders?

      Thank you sir.
    2. Dr. Hubbard

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      New York City
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      Loud Music
      Hey Dub
      Sorry to hear this. Sucks to be stuck in headphones world w hearing loss and tinnitus. No huperacusis? Stress can bring out tendencies for emotional conditions and tinnitus can be stressful, but no reason to believe tinnitus itself will do so. Gerri g better w your response to tinnitus through acceptance and coping is the way to go. Tinnitus does not predictably worsen, but it can. This is the number one frat for most of us. I’m comforted to know that if my tinnitus gets worse I’ve got a set of strategies - acceptance and coping with CBT- for adapting and habituating to the new level.
      Dr Hubbard
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