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      I'm very happy to find another persons who can understand how I feel about my situation. I has been a T. club member by 4 years already, some days are terrible, some days are better but my T. is still here and it will be with me for a long time. The origen of my T. was a severe ear infection caused by a pool water, after several doctors and a lot of time and money already lost, I know that I should to learn to accept and deal with this condition. Thanks everybody.
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      Hey Jencanda and thanks for joining :coffee:

      Accepting and dealing with the condition is one thing we all (have) strive(d) for. The path to habituation can only start from that point I think.

      It is a frustrating thing to have, I would not wish it for my worst enemy. It's great you are feeling better some days.

      Keep us posted and best wishes,

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