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      Well, this tinnitus thing really bites the big one. For me, it was like someone threw a switch in my head and turned it on. There was no advanced warning. Since that day in early January, I've had a constant, high pitched squeal in my ear. I've likened it to the sound from some department store fluorescent lights. I can see how this might drove someone mad. So far, I've been to the primary care doc, the audiologist and the ENT. Naturally, I've done my research along the way and was quite disheartened to learn there is virtually nothing that can be done. In my case, I started hunting and shooting when I was young, spent several years in the infantry then spent the rest of my life in commercial construction. In retrospect, I should have seen this coming. I will continue to explore options for some relief and would greatly appreciate any advice from the group.
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      Sorry to hear about your ear noise. Seems like I had the switch thrown one day too. Yup- regular doc, audiologist, and ENT, in that order, for me too. Today was not good for me, yesterday was better. I hope you find relief.
      - I like that hunting and fishing stuff, kind of my younger life. There's helpful people and info here on this forum.
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      Yup,same here. I woke up on the morning of 11/25/11 with a high frequency squeal like hearing an old CRT television. Changes during the day sometimes to a sound like water through a garden hose. Then at times a whooshing sound and THEN sometimes crickets. I am disheartened too to know there is so little that can be done about it.

      I saw my GP then was referred to an ENT who knew squat about tinnitus. Went through the chicken with no head syndrome and researched the internet about tinnitus. Wound up going to a tinnitus clinic at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City. Am undergoing a course of Neuromonics recommended by them. It has helped calm down the hyperacusis that came with the T. That too bites the big one. But I think I am pretty well over it. T remains, however, a monster that I have been dealing with for 18 months.

      Apparently, the only thing one with T can hope for is to habituate to the sound as there are no other effective treatments or cures out there. That sucks big time but what else to do?

      Welcome to the club. Sorry you are here. Sorry for me too. Sorry for anyone that is going through this s**t.

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