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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PerryNH, Mar 24, 2016.

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      Hello All - I'm in my 50's, my Tinnitus is medium, but mild enough for me to mostly ignore. It doesn't affect my work, but I am the "Sound Guy" in church, and people say I do a good job, so I guess I can hear OK.

      It is almost always there, and I'd really love to be done with it. I've tried giving up things like Alcohol, Gluten, and Coffee, separately without effect, and I found this group because I heard that Taurine might help. I'm starting 1000mg/day now.

      I'm happy there's a support group for fellow sufferers.

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      hearing test set off
      Hello and welcome... I am rather new too. Sandy B
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      Root Canal
      @PerryNH Welcome Perry We've all tried many OTC supplements and not many of us have reported and that have really helped T ...its a tough battle but one we are all fighting welcome aboard ...there allot of good people here that offer great help.
      Stay Strong
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      Diagnosed with high pitch hearing loss, both ears, right is worse
      Hi there, I say try it, something may work for you. Greetings from Loudon NH! I have tried several approaches and after a year, my T has calmed down on its own. I still don't know what caused it after two ENTs, MRI and CT scan. Came on suddenly one night while I was sleeping. Was a scary thing but thankfully to this site and learning about T, I am learning to adjust. I have made an appointment to see a chiropractor but not sure if I will follow through. One ENT said I had PT. It sounds mostly like rushing air now. Very strange indeed.

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