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      Hi there

      Just joined. Been getting driven mad with tinnitus for quite a few months now. I thought it was maybe linked with sertraline so I stopped taking them but it's made no difference. Think I am in peri menopause and some googling suggest a possible link. Just started HRT so I'm worried about it increasing. I've mentioned it to doctor but it's just been skimmed over. Like when I said I thought it was the sertraline she just said that's not a usual side effect. No concern at all about the tinnitus.

      I'm aware there's no cure as such so am just looking for advice on living with it. I wear earplugs every night which help me sleep. My job involves facilitating a meeting for 25+ people 5 times a week. It's awful standing in front of them all with a buzzy head.

      Any advice appreciated
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