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      Unknown, but guess its bruxism and Glue Ear
      Hello everyone,
      name is David and I'm from Barcelona (Spain).
      I got my T since 29th July 2016. I was sure it was only in the right ear but sometimes i doubt it and think its now in my head.
      First month is a hell: terrible mood, sleepless, close relationships in danger... really frustrating. What can i tell you, you have been there.

      I have read a lot during this month and must say that I have a lot of things that could have caused it:
      1. Emotional Stress since the death of my beloved 5 year old dog due to cancer in January 2016
      2. Job Stress due to people who tries to "backstab" you since March 2016
      3. Smoker
      4. Bruxism (the same week my T started i smashed one of my teeth)
      5. Upper back/neck muscles pain
      Im working on all of them right now, I have a visit with the ENT on September 22nd.
      During my long sleepless nights I spent most of the time reading and investigating about it and maybe that was not the correct thing to do but right now I must say that was very profitable.

      In my case I can confirm that smoking and stress spike my T. I quitted smoking since the day after T started or the next one, and as a result my body started to "clean" itself from the smoke, spitting a lot of mucus.
      Due to that fact I started to focus on my Eustaquian tubes, doing the Valsalva techique I listen like a squeeze on my ears and the right ear ( T one) does a double pop (its always the first to pop of both ears too).
      Went to regular doctor and watched me and gave me some medication to help throw mucus but recently I found information about the Muncie technique (massaging palatal tonsils makes Eustaquian tubes to open easier) and while performing it i found that i had pus on my right palatal tonsil (completely overlooked by the doctor).

      So when I get my visit with the ENT i will comment all the my findings and research to him.
      Must say that right now I can sleep better, first 2/3 weeks i could sleep only a couple of hours and was out of pure tiredness, and during the day I am learning to live with it, there are times where i sincerely dont listen to it but at nights its more difficult to deal with it.
      So right now I think its caused by the joint factors i already mentioned above, my visit with the ENT still has to come in short. Want to think that its something more time related than my colchea being damaged, at least for now.

      For me it was really difficult to sleep since listening to white noise, brown noise, relaxing noises (except rain) didnt work, and found that i was getting awake a lot of times just when i stopped listening the music or whatever.

      BUT found something that really worked to me, and im sleeping like a baby thanks to it, i would ask you to share it since it could help the new T bearers (first month is hell full of obsession/fears/tears) : spray some fragrance or perfum to the pillow, anything will help. While i was trying to get asleep I focused on my ears, but with the smell of something, my brain was not so obsessed by the noise, it was diverted by the smell, so getting asleep way faster.

      SLEEP is important, the days I sleep more i find my T way more bearable, to the point of being almost unnoticeable.

      I am trying to be positive, not focusing on the T, enjoying my hobbies and laughing is crucial to get used to it, at least to the point of not getting completely obsessed and depressed.
      The first enemy to defeat in order to live better is our own mind, once you identify that the T will become more bearable and from that point going forward step by step.

      Must say that im not glad at all of being in this forum (the cause of being here) but im glad i found this and appreciate a lot how supportive you are. Reading the success stories for sure helps a lot and its a more boost.

      Will comment how my ENT visit goes.

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