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      Longtime reader, first time poster. I have been battling this condition for several years and am looking for any and all ideas.

      Long story short, my problems began in 2011 when I noticed I couldn't hear as well out of my left ear. That was followed by ringing in my left ear. Over time, it has grown louder. More recently, the ringing has started in my right ear, although the hearing in that ear has remained fairly constant.

      I have seen two ENTs and spoken to numerous doctors. I was treated for ear infections several times (drops, steroids). I have had an MRI, which showed no structural damage on my left side. I have tried acupuncture and have tried the following supplements: Bel Marra's Hearing Rescue, Animal Parade Inner Ear Health supplement, niacin, flaxseed, various fish oils, zinc, magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, curcumin extract, various antioxidant supplements, vitamin B complex, ginko, CoQ10, lemon ginger tea, chamomile tea. The only thing that has helped at all has been magnesium.

      As to the cause, there are theories, but nothing solid. I have taken various medications for anxiety and depression, the most recent being Ciprolex (Lexopro), Pritiq, Trazadone and more recently Remorin. I also took Naproxin for months for an inflammation around my heart, which turned out to be a food allergy. I discontinued everything that I learned was ototoxic, but I fear the Ciprolex and Naproxin, which I took for long periods, did the most damage.

      I have cut caffeine and alcohol out of my diet and have tried to keep stress to a minimum. No one has offered any firm opinion as to what it is I have, which is a loud, high-pitched constant whistle in both ears.

      I am here to learn from others and to get any and all feedback from those who are in the same position. I wish everyone here good health. I hope I can also share my experiences and help others.
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