Hello from the United States — Tinnitus from Loud Smoke Alarm

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    1. Colleen47

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      United States
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      Loud smoke alarm
      My tip: Be a Sound Chaser.

      Hi Tinnitus Sufferers,

      Yes, we are all sufferers of tinnitus.

      Funny that it’s a “painless” pain.

      However, it can still hurt you deeply - if you let it. When I first acquired my tinnitus four years ago, (from a sound accident with a smoke alarm), I couldn’t believe it happened to me! First I was in denial, then I was devastated, and finally I chose to accept it. I went to one of the top hospitals in the United States, the Cleveland Clinic. I attended a clinical session run by a team of audiologist called: Tinnitus Management. At that time, I knew that I was doomed to have this terrible condition for the rest of my life. Why? Because “management” means to “deal with it”, since there is no cure. I had to learn how to manage my tinnitus because it wasn’t going to go away...

      So now I am a “sound chaser”. I am constantly relying on ambient noises in my environment. All throughout my home, I have Sonos music speakers and sound machines with a variety of sounds to choose from. I enjoy the ocean wave sounds the best. I have a playlist on my phone with high-pitched bird chirping sounds that help me tremendously at bedtime. I mask the tinnitus sounds all day long with electronic devices. I am thankful that we live in an age where I can rely on these sound machines, music speakers, headphones, AirPods, etc. Now more than ever, I appreciate all the sounds of nature and human interactions. Music is the greatest gift.

      So the next time that you’re feeling down because you are a tinnitus suffer, chase sounds and appreciate the fact that you can hear ambient noises that can distract you from your condition. So go out there and chase some beautiful sounds!

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      England - up North, Near Manchester
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      stress/adrenalin + forgetting to breathe enough when online
      Hi, welcome here, and thanks for sharing the information - someone will benefit from some of your suggestions... I have learned to control my tinnitus and accept it - and I will be offering help here where I can and when... Ways of bringing it down a notch when it's having a go - my strength in minds research helped me so much, and I'll be helping others here as weeks/months go by - just planning to teach in collages here this year 'mind strength' and I will keep popping on here to help when something catches my eye...
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      I think typical loud noises during my youth
      You mean one can get tinnitus from one single event such as a bang or loud noise?
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      Dec 2020
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      ? Autoimmune, daily headaches, Ibuprofin, BP meds, Virus?
      Thank you for your post.

      This isn't easy for me though. The thought of having fake birds or fake crickets chirping at me for the next 40 years is pretty depressing. They also sound like tin and mess with my hyperacusis.

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