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      Hello Everyone,
      Adam here, Originally from Philly,PA. Now residing in the EUP Between the American Great Lakes.
      I Have been dealing with the Big T for At least 20+ years. I used to equate it with Being Born at sea level
      then Moving to High Elevation, then Back to Sea Level several different times in my Life, That was the initial
      Cause. As well as working in factories that just made it get worse through the years, and other issues concerning problems in neck, Hip, and knees causing issues in the neck and spine.
      I now see there are other concerning issues that may help in the onset and continuously progression of this problem.
      My Ringing seems to be getting worse, Some what louder, steadier, seems both sides(ears). Also seems to be in the center. It is getting now to the point where I really need to look into this for my own sanity, and well being.
      Being new Here I may need a little guidance along the way. My interest in the Anti Bodies that can repair the Sheath surrounding the nerves in the inner ear as well as other nerves in the body to of interest in helping the issue.
      Note I am not a rich man and would like to genuinely reach out to anyone whom may be able to point me into the right direction would be very thankful indeed.
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      Maybe stress ?
      Welcome to the forum.
      What was you T causes?

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