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      Hello all, hoping to find some community, support, exchange and information from fellow tinnitus sufferers ..since it's hard to communicate this "sound" to the outside world. I feel for all of you and hope for a feeling of not being alone in this.
      Every autumn my hearing goes bust. 2 years ago a plugged left ear that wouldn't open, last year pulsating tinnitus in the right that went away after a couple of weeks, this year: full blown, high pitched tinnitus in the head - both ears ? it's more in the head - for a month and counting. Loud, debilitating.
      Last year, with the low frequency pulsating tinnitus, they (HMO) checked vascular function (via sonogram) and tested for tumor with MRI - all came up clear. Pulsating tinnitus went away. "Probably a virus" they said.
      This year, I kept my head above any water all summer, yet in October it hit: high frequency, loud tinnitus in the middle of my head. Like a blinding light. Coming and going. Mostly staying. And impossible to ignore or live with, concentrate, drive, talk, sleep or work.
      ENT says: get used to it. Audiologist says: you are too sensitive, stop listening to it.
      I have mild to moderate hearing loss in high frequencies - those frequencies that are seemingly coming back full force at me now.. generated by brain. Trying out a hearing aid: it helps hearing but doesn't help w. tin.
      I am a former sound engineer, rock musician, now radio journalist and acoustic musician. Hearing has been my life. Now it's much, much impaired. So is my sanity.
      Only cure so far: one or two beers, or more. Alcohol seems to smoothen the screech. Temporarily. But that's not the solution.
      Feeling very trapped and anxious. Which doesn't help things. But the hope that this might be a seasonal allergy and temporary is very very small.
      Well, that's the story so far. I know. A short one in comparison to many .. but regardless .. I am grateful for any input. Anything I can learn about this and push toward more attention from health professionals. Thanks
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      Hi, Teck, and welcome!

      I'm so sorry you're experiencing tinnitus problems right now, and I sincerely hope it is only seasonal, and will go away soon. If not, perhaps the hearing aids may help in time.

      The anxiety can be hard to deal with, and it's something most of us tinnitus sufferers have experienced at one time or another. For some, drugs such as Xanax have provided a short-term solution to the anxiety. I am one of those who opted not to take prescription drugs, however, so what I did was take natural supplements. Those that worked best for me are magnesium (I am still taking magnesium chloride tablets), holy basil, pharma GABA, and moringa oliefera. You could try experimenting with a natural supplement to see if it helps. Also, some of us have benefitted from taking extra B-complex vitamins, vitamin D3, and zinc.

      I wish you well, and hope you'll find some relief soon!

      Best wishes,
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