Hello I'm New (Otosclerosis; What Should I Expect?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by acmommyx3, Oct 30, 2015.

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      I am 23 years old and pregnant with my third child. I am being induced next week and am excited to meet my son. However I just found out Wednesday I have Otosclorosis. It is only in my left ear so far and only the stappes bone is affected right now. I am a bit sad that I am losing my hearing. I thought I was having reoccurring ear infections and after this last round of antibiotics didn't work my OB referred me to an otolarynologist. The otolarynologist says it could progress slow or fast and I'm scared about that. I also believe I have Tinnitus because my ear has been ringing non stop since yesterday. He said I will eventually need a hearing aid, surgery, and a slight chance of needing both. What should I expect? He isn't doing anything for it yet because I'm not quite to where I need it. I'm honestly scared to lose my hearing.
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      Hi, A warm welcome to the forum.
      Please try not to worry as my son has this problem too.
      He did have a operation done to remove his ear bones and a new drum and had a over night stay in hospital as late down.
      His hearing in that ear now is about 40 db.
      He gets on fine .
      He had the op when was 7 and nearly 21 now.
      He does not use a hearing aid by choice and gets on fine without one.
      He had a second opp at 16 to clear out his middle ear again as a mass grew back and is still fine...Got a fantastic job and no tinnitus .
      Congratulations on your baby wont be long now xxx

      If you do need a opp then I will ask my son post on here to you if you would like chat to him about it....lots of love glynis
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      Thank you. I was just diagnosed with it so for now my doctor isn't doing anything except having me come back for an hearing test in 6 months unless there is significant change. I just am scared to completely lose my hearing. I have been teaching myself ASL because its a hobby, but looks up it may be beneficial later on lol. Thanks again.
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