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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jay6025, Nov 7, 2015.

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      This is the first time I have really spoken about my T. I have only briefly mentioned my condition to close family members in the past.
      I always felt that by talking about it I increased my awareness of it and started a new cycle of noticing-anxiety-sleep problems-increased awareness etc.

      I developed T when I was 17, pretty loud 24/7 and most likely from an infection following a bad head cold. I've had it around 24 years now I guess, and don't know of a life without it.

      First few years were tough, especially since doing my A levels and degrees, but I ignored it when focussed and came away with top marks.

      Then I had many years of living with it very much pushed into the background, I guess you could say I habituated and it would only resurface now and again and I would go in a T cycle for a few days/weeks.

      I have never sought any help before and just waited these episodes out.

      I have a high-flying career now, kids and responsibilities and I've had my first episode after a very long time. It's been tough as it hit me out of the blue. It has really affected my sleep and anxiety is pretty high.

      I'm hopeful I will habituate again and start living again like I used to a couple of months back, running marathons, being a dad and travelling the world. Lately, most I can manage is struggling through work, getting some medicated sleep and living for the better days sandwiched between the tough ones.

      Glad I found this forum and sorry for going on. This is very therapeutic.

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      not sure
      Welcome Jay to TT. You are probably going through a spike now. Sometimes, stress, anxiety, diet change, grief, or taking some meds can contribute a sudden jump in T level. Also check if you have some hearing loss. T can come on suddently too. One night a few years back I jumped out of bed with this T screaming so loud and I don't have any prior experience of that, facing it 7/24 and not knowing when it will end. It was a super anxious time full of anxiety and panic attacks. But I learn from others to keep calm as much as possible, to challenge every distorted thought, and to keep living my life despite T. You have done just that for years. Now with a new level of T, it may get you rattled a bit, but who knows if this spite will settle down, or that your brain will slowly harden to it. Try you best to stay positive and to keep calm, as stress and anxiety are toxic to T. Try some masking so you don't get too anxious about the new T level. Here is a TT thread with good masking sounds to choose from:

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      Thanks for the link. It's funny I have really good days alternating with bad and have no idea what the triggers are.
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      I don't have a clue as to what triggers my 'loud days' either (much like the migraine which I have had since aged 10).

      Yes, it will improve, and I guess you don't need to tell you (given your long history and obviously great coping mechanisms) that it cannot harm you and that life goes on, no matter how hard tinny tries to impinge.

      I always find that it is a comfort to know others have and have had the same and 'heal'.....by which I mean get used to/habituate/learn to ignore/adopt a good coping strategy, or whatever.

      Reflect on how it has improved on previous episodes....you know it will again. Here's hoping it's soon.

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      Thank you

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