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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by doinker, Jul 14, 2013.

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      Hi Everyone, Suffering from 1-2 tinnitus (officially, anyway ... right now I swear the ringing is more like a grade 11!) @ 6k hz. Have had this for at least two years and got it from making the old rock 'n roll, presumably.

      I have a question about noise cancelling headphones. Anyone suspect those of being the cause of his/her tinnitus? I just used some last night, and this morning my ears are going crazy.
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      I play computer games with a high end surround sound closed headphone unit and have to say that they do trigger the ringing in my ears. What I listen to and how long and loud will vary how much I suffer afterwards.

      Also I find the Ear Buds I use very much trigger my tinnitus.

      I now avoid covering my ears, however will remain open to purchasing a high end set of Open Stereo Headphones such as Audio Technica (I think that's the brand). They are very light and airy. The sound reproduction is extremely good, so that even on low volume, you can still here a wide dynamic range.

      ATM ... I am enjoying some much needed time off, an otherwise additive and Dependant need to be permantly hooked up to, bio feed back/white noise.

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