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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Antonio, Feb 21, 2015.

    1. Antonio

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      Ear fatigue

      My name is Antonio, I'm 24 years old, and I also experience crappy tinnitus as well as hyperacusis some time to time. I produce music, especially trip/hop and house, have besides released several songs on big labels, but I am not known at all though. Just a passionate musician.

      I used to feel hissing and whistling after studio sessions (you have to play the music loud in order to make sure every frequencies are well mixed and that the mastering makes your track sound fat), or a long time of work, but it always faded away after a few seconds. Yes, life was good! Moreover, I was almost OCD about my ears on account of the fact I had many otitis when I was a kid, and as I wanted to mix in clubs later, I started to protect my hearing with moulded earplugs (-25db) from 16 years old.

      Unfortunately, it was not enough. One week ago, I started to have a suprasonic whistling + hyperacousis (someone tearing a mere cookie packet is highly disagreeable to me). It goes from one ear to another one, sometimes both. Sometimes, especially at the end of the day, I can feel a slight electrical discharge in my left eardrum.

      My hearing was checked by a ENT, and it is perfect. There is no noise damage, and the pressure seems fine according to him. Therefore, I believe to have progressively developed this annoyance through years of passion and work. Long story-short: ear fatigue.

      But I don't complain too much, because my tinnitus is not unbearable (1/10 the morning, 3/10 the evening). Of course, it is a real pain in the ass, music and loud conversations hurt my hearing, but I have not hit rock bottom. I believe that there is still room for improvement, and I am sure that scientists will come up with an effective treatment within the next 5 years (I know we have been hearing in vain many "breakthrough finding!" in newspapers since the past 10 years, but... You know, let's just believe it is possible!)

      There are many success stories out there, people recovered even after 4 years of sufferings. If they can do it, me, and YOU can do it as well! I am not here to seek for support, but to keep me updated on research, share with other members, and foremost... TO KICK THIS SHIT OUT OF OUR BRAINS! YES PEOPLE! The first step is to believe it is possible, then you can start to heal. MEDECINE HEALS, NATURE CURES ;)!

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    2. BobDigi
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      Loud noise
      I've probably caused my tinnitus by listening to years of loud Hip hop music on headphones. Glad your tinnitus isn't too bothersome. Look after your ears and hopefully it'll stay that way.
    3. Georgia

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      Love your enthusiasm, its important not to let this beat you down. I was a lot younger when I got a hearing loss and t but I've survived. It could be worse, and I want to support others. If your T isn't genetic I'm sure there is stuff that you could try now that might benefit you.
      Certain types of Meditation really help.
      Check with you're doctor first to see if they think its suitable to you. I mean these are things I've heard help or cure it.
      Stay away from stress it makes T even worse. Complete silence isnt good always have light sounds.
      There are some sound good for T. My audiologist told me that water running is good as well as quiet music.

      Good luck :)
    4. AUTHOR

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      Ear fatigue
      Dear Bobdigi and Georgia, thanks a lot for your testimony/advices! I can see that this forum is active, and I like it.

      Acupressure doesn't work for me, but I am going to try an acupuncture session next tuesday. However, checking with the doctor won't help. He is a nice person, but, you know, he just gives you a vasodilatating drug and a good handshake. I did not bought it btw. I also have A-Fib (good time isn't it? haha!), so it might be dangerous to increase blood pressure in such a case I guess.

      Anyway, hope you guys are doing well now! Thanks for your time ;)!

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