Help Me Please! A Few Hours Ago I Noticed an Extremely High-Pitched Ringing

Discussion in 'Support' started by al3xisnic0le, Apr 21, 2017.

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      I got strabismus surgery back in November 2014, and witthin 2 weeks my tinnitus began in my right ear only. I'm not sure if the two happenings are correlated but I figured it's worth mentioning. I don't remember exactly how long but for weeks my tinnitus kept me up and drove me crazy. My anxiety was through the roof and I would cry often. Eventually, somehow, I learned to live with it. It would get annoying at times especially when I was in a silent room but even so I was able to control my anxiety and worry and be okay.

      However just a few hours ago I noticed an extremely high pitch ringing in my right ear, in addition to my initial ringing which is much lower pitched. I thought that it was maybe something in my house (I.e. Fridge, water cooler, etc.) making the sound and prayed that's all. But when I went upstairs to my bedroom where it was completely silent, I realized that it was in fact a ringing in my ear, and not anything external. I'm freaking out because it's extremely loud and annoying and it's making me dizzy and nauseous and I don't know what to do. I obviously pray this sound goes away but if not I just want to learn to live with it the way I did the other but I don't think that's possible given the pitch.

      Unlike the other tinnitus which gets louder when I yawn, this stays consistent.

      Please if anyone has any advice on treatments or ways to cope with it I'd appreciate it.

      Also if anyone knows what might have brought it on so suddenly please let me know. I don't know if it's true but I heard Claritin D can cause it and I just took that for the first time yesterday doc I'm not sure if that could be causing it.

      Also I take vitamin B12, Super B complex, vitamin D3, a multi vitamin, turmeric, tart cherry extract, and a probiotic.

      Thanks in advance. I'm only 20 and I've been suffering since age 17. I just want to live in peace and get to sleep tonight :(.
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      @al3xisnic0le well first off do everything you can to reduce your anxiety. do what you would normally do to relax and that will at least get your mind partially focused on another stimulus. do not sit in a silent room listening to your ears ring as this will only cause more anxiety which will increase your perception of the tinnitus. I would try to sleep with a fan on or white noise machine/app.

      lastly, it has only been a few hours since you have experienced this new high pitched ringing sound. this means this is very likely a temporary change and is not likely to remain at this level permanently. therefore you should relax about thinking this is a permanent change. I wish you the best of luck
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      Anxiety disorder
      Dear al3xisnic0le,

      I am sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. Ryan gave you the right advise.
      I've developed tinnitus due to health anxiety. It's multitone in both ears (about six different tones). Believe me, it's doesn't matter much what the pitch is, you can get used to it. I can say that now because I know it, a year ago I wouldn't have believed it myself.

      This new high pitched sound could be caused by many things. All I can say is that is very important to get yourself to a more relaxed state. Whatever the cause is, if it is permanent or not, stressing about it will not help you. I know myself that in times of anxiety it is very hard to relax. Have you ever heard of guided meditations? There are plently on youtube. Try to use one of those meditations every day. Meditation can be hard in the beginning, but anything can be learnt. I have meditated so many times now that it takes only 30 seconds to get in a relaxed state (where it first took at least 10 minutes). Listening to the song Weightless by Marconi Union might decrease your anxiety level (it does for mine).

      Try not to focus on the sound, shift your attention to other things more important. Ask a friend or family member how they are feeling, listen to the bird singing their songs, have a walk on a beach. Do whatever makes you feel good. You will find that when getting in a more relaxed state (again, this will take time and discipline), your tinnitus will be less intrusive and bothersome.
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