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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Michael Calbera, Jan 8, 2016.

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      Its been 2 and half months after I got ear injured from high noise exposure (you can read my stories on my threads) along with T.

      Now, I'm in the way to accept that my T is no treat anymore for my life. Well my T is mild, I only notice it while I'm on deep silent or my head next to my pillow. How I learn to accept it, I know I'm not alone, some success stories that their T gone after a months even a years btw I don't care if it take for life (actually I care but I only put it as my wish list), and some popular people with T, also a research that still going to find a cure for T as we know long time ago penicillin found almost hundred year a go and I believe cure for T soon will be successfully developed for us. That what make me strong, it is my own mindset. Never think about it, go ahead..!

      And I had a question, is my ear being sensitive to a high sound?
      I felt a slight pain by 1-3 second in my ear sometimes, and it almost come while I'm heard a high sound.. It's not bothering me because not everyday I felt it, and I'm not gonna try it with a high sound on my ear to prove it is come from a high sound because it can severe my ear so I asking.. Should I go to ENT for this? since he tell me no need to go back, oh ya my hearing is normal like before :)
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