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      Hi all,

      I am "happy" to embrace your group.

      I always played electric guitar and maybe that helped. The day tinninus appear was one night i heard almost the entire night to music on phones at "high" volume. Next day the tinnitus was there.

      I started having tinnitus late 2007. I could hear the noise constantly on both ears. I was depressed for a few months. The noise was evident on silent or near silent. On noisy places the noise was not evident. In low noises it was still audible but to a low intensity.
      After some months my brain get used to. For years i ignore the noise. Even at night. If i wanted i could ear, but i just decided to ignore it, and i forget about it...

      So back to present, i had a big increase on tinnitus on my right ear. And a big one. It's really loud now. A higher pitch, REALLY annoying. I can ear it all the time. Even with high noises. It's really annoying. The thing that feels good to me is water running and specially flush from the toillet. I have to create a mp3 with that :)

      I almost stop listening to music and almost never use phones, since i developed tinnitus on first time. So i didn't make anything to increase it... I was sleeping less than usual but that's it.

      So now i am somehow depressed. Just hoping that my brain will get used to this really high pitch in a few months...


      P.S.- If i believe in heaven, it's a place full of silence. 100% silence :)



      High frequency: A spike on 16000Hz. This was before my recent tinnitus increase...

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      Sounds familiar timf, had T since 1992, I tend to focus more to achieve things and try to use the noise to channel my thoughts and actions.

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