Hey, folks! I'm Mack, a tinnitus (non-medical) researcher.

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    1. Hi everyone, I'm a PhD candidate at Indiana University's Department of Communication and Culture, doing dissertation research on the ways people use media technology to deal with their tinnitus. My definition of "media technology" is pretty broad and includes things like Neuromonics, sound machines, music, TV, sound-generating hearing aids, etc.

      I have T too, though it's been fairly tame for the past several years (hope it stays that way).

      Anyway, it's great to find such a wonderful forum to learn about people's experiences.

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    2. Clive

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      Hello Mack,
      Welcome to the forum. The items you mention above are used by most people to some extent. Why dont you set up a poll hear to gather data?
      Best wishes,
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      Welcome Mack, let the research begin!
    4. AUTHOR
      Mack Hagood

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      Thanks Clive and Jim. I will definitely set up a poll in the near future!
    5. Markku

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      Whee, welcome! That's actually an interesting topic for a dissertation, would definitely like to read it once it's at that stage.

      And by no means do create that poll whenever you want!

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