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      I've had tinnitus since last year. At the time I was working in a job that involved using loud machinery all day. The employers did not provide ear protection and one day when I returned from work I noticed a very faint ringing in my ears. This has now slowly increased over the months and is now causing insomnia and has become very stressful.
      I have always enjoyed going to concerts and night clubs with loud music and I used to DJ and over the years I think it had slowly worn away at my sensory perception without me realising. I think the short spell I spent at that work place trigged the T off.
      I recently went through a case of cronic otitisus extira which caused my T to spike as my right ear was completely blocked. This has now improved and for a while once the otitisus extira cleared my T had improved dramatically. I could still notice it throughout the day but I had no trouble with sleep. But, I went to a gig last weekend (which I now regret massively, but I hadn't done so for months) and the T has increased a great deal causing me to lose sleep.
      I think its best to keep as busy as possible, work hard and keep active. Even writing this little bit has helped me divert my attention. Keeping a strong, positive mental attitude is key. Meditation techniques can also help relax/sleep.
      I recently bought a pink noise CD of the British tinnitus Society website to help with balancing out whats going on mechanically between my ears and what I pick up on the outside. I hope this will prove to be a good tool to help me help lower the T.
      I was compelled to write my little bit as I have found that reading other peoples experences with T on this forum to be incredably helpful when times get tough.
      Thanks for reading my little bit.
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      Hi Oliver! Welcome!

      You expressed your situation beautifully!

      Hope there are a few things here that you may want to try out that some of us have been the guinea pigs for.

      You are right... keeping busy helps take the mind of the aggravating condition.

      Lots to read through here, so jump in anytime!

      Nice to have you!
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      hi Oliver

      sorry you got wacked by that nasty T

      yeah you are right stay distracted and do believe that time will bring about some improvement...it will

      but now you know that damage to the ear is cumulative and you must protect yourself from the huge landscape of medications and environmental noise that is out there and can do great damage

      example...i was cycling around the county and not only was the noise of passing cars very loud in general, but then, some dude on a big honkin motorcycle with virtually no muffler, went by and either intentionally or due to a missed shift he rev-ed the snot out of the engine in neutral and it was loud as rapid gunfire...now i bike with earplugs in...yikes

      hang in there
      mock turtle
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      Thanks for the supportive reply's. I can't express how much of a life line I have found this forum in the past week. I am currently looking at some good quality, subtle ear plugs for football matches and gigs. I don't want to aggravate the condition any further by doing the things I enjoy in life...
      I have also found that Jim's postings of tinnitus masking mp3 to help me a great deal with sleep. They do an excellent job of focusing the mind (consciously and sub-consciously) away form my T. They are a far more natural sound then the CD I bought from the BTA.

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