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      Hey Folks

      So there I was yesterday working out in my shed I needed to cut some timber on the table saw so I did the next thing I knew I had a really loud noise in both ears.

      I put in ear plugs and within an hour the sound had subdued but I now hear a perminant pitch which I would describe as the sound heard when an old tv was on but sound was off.

      So thankfully most things drown it out e.g tv/outside/people.

      But when I try to hear it I knew w its there.

      Can someone give encouragement that I will learn to ignore it it appears to get louder as sound around me gets louder but say at night I can hear it but its still not too intrusive.

      Will I adapt, will it get worse?? It feels like my ears want to burst so could it just be wax from me putting ear buds in.

      Would 5 minutes tops on a table saw be enough I know its been one day but I read about tinnitus before and IRS framing me out
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      Head Injury
      A consultation with an ENT within 48 hours after onset of symptoms of tinnitus for a course of steroids may be of help for acoustic trauma. That is the only real advice I can provide during the so-called window of opportunity. After that, it is wait-and-see.

      Your tinnitus may improve on its own regardless of any intervention, however.
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      not sure
      Agree with ATEOS. Seeing a doctor/ENT is the recommended first step for a new T sufferer. This is what the TT suggested guideline for a new member as provided in this link (and it has masking tracks too). Only the trained pro can assess how much damage (or the absence of it) has been done to the ears. But if your T is mild (according to your description), count that as a blessing. When you read some success stories, you will know that you stand a good chance to habituate to a milder T as you learn to apply some of the successful strategies being shared in the Success Stories forum. Here is TT's advice for new T sufferers:


      Here is a site with info on sound dB of various noises, and the time exposure guideline:

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      It sounds like your T is pretty mild. Other than you description with the saw, you don't say what other exposure to loud noise you might have had. On the up side, if your T is permanent, you do survive. I've had T since early 1972.
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      Noise Trauma
      I thought I got t from cutting several pieces of Perspex with a power saw,but my therapist said it may have been the trigger,but my hearing was maybe abused previously.your description of the sound is exactly the same as my old valve TV noise.Some days a big TV.So your d.i.y.could have been the final straw,but everyone is unique,and yours may just fade away soon.Good luck,stay positive.
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      Ear infection
      Get some NAC to further protect your hearing...I would also try to get trobalt as soon as possible as that can help reduce tinnitus and the results show that the sooner you take it the better. That's my recommendation, but there are side-effects to trobalt, so see if the risk to benefit ratio is worth it.

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