Hi all... H2O helps me.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alvis, Dec 20, 2013.

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      My brief story:

      I was the typical invincible youth. Loud music, loud sports (boating, motorcycles), loud jobs (trucks and equipment). I worked as a truck driver for about 12 years in my twenties, tons of noise. Also in pretty loud blues bands as a bass player. But no T. About half way through all that, I started wearing plugs at work, but not playing music.

      Never thought it would get me, even though I knew the risk was there. Anyways, the ringing would be temporary until about 3 years ago and then it just would not leave my left ear. It's in the right too, but way lower. Amazed I got as far as I did without symptoms. I'm coming to terms with it. Considered leaving music many times, then I read stories about other musicians that continue on and do very well.

      I've been reading, searching, seeking medical advice like I'm sure a lot of you. Hope is a good thing. I will say I think I have found something that helps me. Hydration. My brain seems to complain more if my fluid levels are down and it cranks up the T. Maybe that's why no caffeine, alcohol, etc. are recommendations.

      My only real peace now is in my dreams. It's gone then :)

      Anyways, hope my thoughts help someone. This seems like a nice place. Cya...
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      Halo Alvis welcome. I got my first fender strat when I was 14 and the year was 67 so it was sex drugs and rocknroll.The girls loved my music and I loved them.Later I got famely.And worked with resoring apartments in Copenhagen.
      Now I got a new famely,and 3 small boys.A mild t for many ears.

      2 years ago a virus went to my ears and after that they got mad,take care of that,leave the house til its over.
      They say medicine in 2 or 3 years.The mutebutton next year dont know if it Works.Its a Little rough with this
      noice,but we have to take it,hope one day to get peace Again.
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      Thanks Jes. Music is such a passion. I hope we all get to experience it like the old days again!

      Have a great holiday. Would LOVE to see Demark sometime. I'm sure the music scene is great :beeranimation:

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