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      Long story short:

      My tinnitus started about 3 years ago (I'm 26 male now). At first it was a barely noticeable "rustle", I believe it's called in English. The same sound a little wind+trees makes, but ten times lower. Sorry for my English btw. I thought it was earwax buildup, but nothing changed after I got my ears cleaned at a doc, it only intensified it a little.

      1 to 1.5 years in, it grew into a much louder highly pitched buzzing? The same sound an old CRT monitor/TV makes. Or the sound they often play in movies after a loud explosion,etc. At this point I was betting that I was losing my hearing due to loud music exposure.

      Except a few months ago I noticed that by contracting/tightening my jaw muscles, the tinnitus gets almost twice louder. At least a little happier now since, I suppose, that means I'm not actually losing my hearing.

      Anybody else with similar symptoms? What would you recommend to do next, since I'm not from a very developed country I don't have access to doctors with a lot of tools/tech that I assume I might need?

      P.S. I'm posting this here since it's my first visit to this forum, and hoping somebody would direct me where is more appropriate to ask.

      Best Regards!
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      Hi audi88!

      Im so happy to hear you have found your way to this forum. All the people in here are really kind, helpful and understanding!

      You have about the same tinnitus sound as I have, only that I have a few more sounds as well.
      I think this type of tinnitus is pretty common.
      It would be great though, if you were able to see an ENT to rule out any underlying condition that is treatable, but I have been told by ENTs that tinnitus is rearly any indication of going deaf or some serious condition regarding your health, which is positive, except that you might find it annoying, especially in the first few months.

      For the record; Ive had MRI, CT, seen ENTs, a few GPs and seen 4 neurologists, and they didnt find anything wrong.

      It is also common to experience that your tinnitus changes pitch or volume or both when clenching your teeth, contracting your jaw muscles or move your neck and some refer this to somatic tinnitus and it affects roughly 70% of those who have tinnitus from what I have read.
      I experience this as well.

      Also, there is a good chance that your tinnitus will resolve by its own given time, settle down, or that your brain will habituate eventually. They are also doing a lot of promising research now days, so hopefully they might be able to figure out a cure in the near future.

      I think its really important to protect your ears from loud noise, especially if your T is noise induced.

      I have to admit that the people in this forum are just awesome, and they will help you as much as they can if you have any concerns :)

      Best wishes!

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