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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bill Cowherd, Feb 7, 2013.

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      My name is William (Bill, please) Cowherd (Cow-herd, the h is not silent!). I believe I'm just entering my second year with this incessant high-pitched "noise in my head" which I now know to be one of the many sound shapes that tinnitus generates. I've had a great deal of difficulty trying to deal with it, but I've found a "support group" of folks who are willing to share the tools and coping mechanisms they use. I continue to pray for a cure, as well as for the words to describe it to people who are sometimes uncaring and unsympathetic.
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      Welcome, Bill. Mine's an incessant, high-pitched "noise in my head" too. Varies in intensity from day to day, week to week, but always there. Also somatic, meaning I can change the pitch and intensity purposely while straining my neck one way or another. With symptoms normally more pronounced than not, I've come to appreciate the "good" days. Or mornings, as most periods of respite don't last an entire day (although I had one a few days ago). It seems many of the contributors here and elsewhere have somewhat different manifistations of the syndrome, although close enough that we can all relate to one another's stuggle to cope.

      I'm not sure about people "sometimes uncaring and unsympathetic;" I think it's more a case of being unable to relate at all. Except for those closest to us, it's difficult for most to appreciate the severity of the condition and how it can influence us so profoundly as we attempt to carry on through the day.

      Paul D
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      July 2012
      Welcome to TT forums, Bill! I hope you will find support here and a plenty of useful information!

      If I may ask - how did your tinnitus start? Was there something that triggered it or is the cause not clear?

      (oh dear, my post #200. I am too talkative :eek:)

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