Hi Everyone — Living with Tinnitus for 1/3 of My Life

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      Hi everyone

      I have not been in forum since a good 16 years, feels very retro to me :)

      Just sharing my story here, maybe there are people out there that can relate to it - who knows!

      • It started: in spring 2008, 2 years into university
      • How? I already had Tinnitus after disco visits before. First for 1 day, then for 4 days and after a third occurance - ever since. Both sides. High pitched tune.
      • How did I deal with it? By avoiding time by myself. Being out and about whenever I could. I even chose my jobs according to the noise environment. I opted for big cities to do my internships.
      • Did that help? Yes and no. I became a much more extrovert person, but I never managed to rest. In 2017, after 9 years, I finally decided to take a dholistic approach to the topic and spent 6 weeks in a Tinnitus Clinic in Switzerland (we have one public one!)
      • How was the Tinnitus Clinic? Amazing! I tackled a deeply rooted problems through psychotherapy, physio therapy and by training awareness. These were the three core pillars. I came out deeply relaxed and had rediscovered my joy in drawing, which I had lost for 9 years. Why would I draw if I can not fully enjoy it? Now I am not drawing for the result anymore, I draw for the process.
      • Am I still suffering from Tinnitus? Yep, since recently I do again. While I am dealing fine with the high-pitched tune on both sides, I got another one on the left side. Two, to be precise. A low drumming and a middle-high pitched, oscillating tune that is much louder than the high-pitched tune. No idea where that is coming from - probably once not careful again when going out (usually I wear my customized earplugs).
      • What does the suffering look like? Well, it simply makes me sad and very clingy towards other people. I dislike this, as I am actually a very independent and goal-oriented person. Even though I am working quite successfully in a corporate environment I have loads of artistic talents and interests. Hence, I actually am never bored. And I love to do these things by myself. But if I feel crippled in pursuing these activities, I am feeling lost and alone.

      Thanks for reading. I could write tons more, but I don't want to bore you ;-)
      Looking forward to getting to know you!

      Kind regards,
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      Infection, Acoustic Trauma
      Hello Jenny!

      Welcome to the forum! You will find some great advice and support around here.

      Some good news is that here is a device coming out called Lenire, which is the first effective treatment for tinnitus ever (based on the studies)!

      It is supposed to come out within the the next one to two months in Europe! We have a thread going on about this if you want to read more.

      Other than that everyone is super nice around (most of the time :ROFL:) and would be more than willing to help with questions or any support your looking for!
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      Thanks, Jack :)

      In fact I read about Lenire just tonight and found this forum through this. Would be amazing for all if us, if there was an actual cure - I‘m hoping for the best!
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      not sure
      Warm welcome to the forum Jenny. Yes there are always some researches or new treatments to keep our hope high. You seems to be doing quite well now. So if at some point you feel like it you can try write a more detail success story which can be read by all future new T sufferers or members. Take good care. God bless.
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