Hi everyone, I also live with tinnitus. Read my post.

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    1. Hi my name is Ricardo, I am a musician and audio engineer.
      The constant ringing in my ears started about 4 years ago and I've been learning
      how to deal with it since then.

      As an Audio engineer and musician this was something that had a big impact in my life,
      I went to hell and I came back from it, it was really complicated to get used to it, I do my
      best to manage it the best way, avoiding some food and drinks, doing some exercise and relaxing.
      I have days, days where the noise is only as a background, days where the noise invades my head and doesn't let me focus, in the end the music saves my life, I am very careful with my ears and I control the sound pressure level, if I am going to any loud place I will always wear protection.

      It is amazing, I never thought I was that strong to deal with a situation like this, I don't know how
      but I've found strength inside myself to fight against my own.

      I support the British tinnitus association by funding their research, I will also participate in a UK documentary about living with tinnitus, more money is being invested on tinnitus research and scientists are getting closer and closer, there is a need to spread the word, there is a scream to be heard and then the silence...

      I have a solo project called Screaming Culture which was influenced by my tinnitus, it was my escape:

      Thanks for reading.
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      Welcome Ricardo,
      Yep, me too. And a little ambien. The one positive thing I can say about tinnitus is it has been the catalyst for my music library explosion. I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting music. Got any recommendations?
    3. jon

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      Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Susumo Yokota, Boards Of Canada - for general listning. But I gotta say using an instrument is also handy except drums played loud. I am a frustrated drummer, so I play bass. But a piccolo snare drums make most of us flinch anyway, so avoid them. I suggest a nice set of earphones and a strong discipline of keeping the volume down...

      I used to be a sound engineer too. Tinnitus helped me get into the feedback and hearing signature sounds of voices and the like being clear and crisp. it was a hobby though I was so close to going pro.

      I have had the Tinitus for most of my life over 20 years in both ears. I find any music to hunt for is best using those streaming web stations like last fm to give you a sample. I like all sorts of music except the mainstream 80s 90s music. Talk Talk were perhaps an exception (Mark Hollis is a genius like Smell of Spring etc) Just any very well engineered music is there...

      I have to say I like having the condition because my life changed according to it, changing my circumstance has been a let down, but 100% commitment to choices is the way. And the 20 years has shown me LOTS!

      Stay true
    4. Jim

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      I just listened to Steve Reich on YouTube. Wow, nice recommendation, I like it. Susumo Yokuta sounds promising as well. Brian Eno is a little heavy on the lyrics/vocals isn't he? I really prefer instrumentals or foreign language vocals. Will check into Boards later.

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      Hi folks !
      I use to say that without music, I would sit heavily sedated in a place with white walls.:coffee:
      Classical music has been one of my greatest joys after I got t. I've always liked it, but now I need it. Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Bach, Bruck, Albinoni, all the great ones.
      And I've also discovered the more ambient music, which I didn't care much for earlier. I've found it can be perfect as a non-intrusive background when doing office work. I'm a teacher, and enjoy the teaching part very much, but not the paperwork.
      Here's an example:
      And if you google "dvd videosoft", you'll find a program that can make youtube into mp3.
      Live and cope!
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      i dont know guys, ac/dc super tramp and pink floyd are what i like to sit back to but we all like what we like eh

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