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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by penwright, May 10, 2013.

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      I started having Tinnitus after moving to an old house. I've been told to just live with it. I am looking for ways to tone it down or get some relief.
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      Sorry to hear about you having tinnitus. Perhaps you've had it for a lot longer than you realize and that moving to a new house has just caused you to be more aware of different sounds?
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      It is true I had some ringing going on before moving here. Last year, I ended up in the emergency room. They said it was food poisoning, but I really question that. I noticed, right before, I had high pitched, loud ringing going on, to the point I felt like my head was going to blow right off. Then I awoke with such horrible dizziness, I could barely make it to the bathroom, and that was by crawling. Once I got there, I could not lift my head. I finally told my husband to call the ambulance. The EMT female was not a bit understanding, and dragged me out to the living room where I was placed on a stretcher. I didn't get a lot of understanding at the hospital, from some of the staff either. Others were kind though.

      For three or four days after, I would get the dizziness again. I started taking a sea sickness medicine, which put the dizziness into check. Then, after that, I noticed the ringing was gone. Whenever it would start up, though, I would get hot, hear the loud pinging, in my head, then the dizziness.

      This has happened since we moved here. I had some medicine left over, so I started taking it every six hours, without fail. Not only did the dizziness cease, but the tinnitus was barely noticeable. I, actually, had some peace for awhile.

      I am not a person, who likes taking meds. So I avoid it all cost, but, if I thought it would give me some peace and alleviate this constant din, in my head, I would take it, in a heartbeat.
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      You might have Meneire's disease.
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      Hi, Penwright, and welcome!

      Wow! You have been through a lot recently with the dizziness and tinnitus.

      Some questions for you:
      (1) When the dizziness started for the first time, did it begin suddenly, or could it have happened after something you did, such as turning your head suddenly?
      (2) What type of medicine have you been taking for the dizziness? Was it prescribed by a doctor?
      (3) Have you heard of Meniere's Disease, and have you been checked by an audiologist or ENT doctor, to rule this out?
      (4) Regarding the older house that you recently moved into: Is it quieter than your previous house? Have you checked around the outside of the house for anything relating to electrical power stations or systems in or near the house? Is there some sort of electrical power box outside your bedroom (on the outside wall)?

      You're lucky you've found some medicine that will alleviate your problem, but I certainly understand that you would not want to take meds continuously.

      Look around here, and read some of the posts. You may find a lot of information that is helpful to you. We're all in this together!

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