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      I have had tinnitus since 1994 when diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome. The first clue was loss of hearing in one ear and sound of a fax machine echoing through both ears. An episode of vertigo diagnosed Meniere's. The worst part of this condition is the tinnitus. While the vertigo is under control (usually), the tinnitus is always with me. It varies by the level of stress in my life and now it's bigtime. I've now discovered by reading TT that I have pulsative tinnitus. So glad to know it has a name and that I'm not alone. This is fairly recent and not going away after several months. Three years ago I broke down and got hearing aids, though mainly for one ear. Now the PT has sent me back to the audiologist and hearing is much worse and equal in both years. And I'm not that old! I'm thankful for this website, as I don't know where else to turn.
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      Hi Nancy!

      I know someone who has Meniere's too, in her case the vertigo attacks have been quite bad and frequent, but she's gotten somewhat used to the tinnitus. Although what makes habituation harder for her is that the tinnitus levels varies a lot. Her tinnitus exacerbates randomly, can vary a lot in a day's time.

      Meniere's is a bit nasty thanks to it being able to cause tinnitus, vertigo AND hearing loss. :mad:

      Pulsatile tinnitus is sometimes treatable, but doctors usually classify it just as tinnitus and don't really try every available option. A member here named Warren Spencer has PT and knows quite a lot about it, so maybe he can chime in. :)

      Thanks for writing the introduction. Have a good rest of the weekend!


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