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      Hi everyone!

      My name is Nicole and I'm 21, I'm a Social Work Major (with a Writing Minor) at the Richard Stockton College of NJ. I've had tinnitus for a long time, probably about as long as I can remember, though I didn't realize that it was "ringing" until last January. It's annoying enough that I can't sleep in complete silence, I NEED some sort of noise (music, TV, even nature sounds/city sounds) in order to fall asleep or the ringing drives me absolutely batty! Hearing loss runs rampant on my mom's side of the family (which is why I've been dragging my feet to get a hearing test), and my mom tells me that she used to have tinnitus too, when she was younger. I don't know that it still plagues her as it does me, as she's nearly Deaf, but I do truly need to get my hearing checked, because if even one other thing is going on in the background, I can't hear anything, it's tough. I've tried "ring relief" ear drops, but that only seemed to amplify the sound, rather than helping it go away, so I used it once, and pretty much threw it away after that. I'm interested in finding something... anything, that might help give me a little relief.
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      Hi and Welcome to Tinnitus Talk!

      There's lots of good information here, but you still need to go to the doctor's. They usually can't do much for tinnitus, but maybe they can help your hearing. If they can help your hearing, the tinnitus may go away or lessen again. I would try to find an neurotologist, however, instead of a regular ENT physician. The former has extensive training in the ear and is proficient in ear surgery. Since you're a university student, you should have access to this ear specialist. And, obviously, your mom's history of tinnitus and near deafness is somthing your physician needs to know.

      While you look around the site, you should probably focus on sleep articles. Go to the thread on melatonin. I use it nightly, 3.5 mg, sustained release. But I recently discovered--on this site--that the drug may affect estrogen levels. Taking it long term may not be wise, but it hasn't hurt me in a year. That said, if you do try it and like it then mention this to a physician since it is a neurohormone. Of course, sleeping with music is a necessity! :)

      I would avoid OTC ear drops. They are usually a homeopathic formulation, which is not efficacious for tinnitus. But I would see a physician ASAP before I spent time experimenting with different supplements and treatments. That's not because I don't believe in them; I believe many treatments on this site do help. But they won't cure your tinnitus; they will at best help you habituate to the noise. That's why I'd start with visit to the physician and see if he or she can treat you medically, and perhaps cure your tinnitus or at least stabilize your hearing.

      While you're waiting for your appointment, you might try Lipoflavonoid pills. I don't believe they help many people, but physicians seem to like them and typically ask if you've tried them. At least, the pills won't hurt you.

      After your examination, the doctor will refer you to an audiologist. She'll probably prescribe you hearing aids. Be sure you get ones that include music (like Zen tones) or a tinnitus masker. There's lots of information about hearing aids on the forum. Hearing aids are very beneficial for people with tinnitus who also have hearing loss. Several clinical studies have demonstrated this efficacy. (And don't worry about the hearing aids affecting your appearance. The new ones for tinnitus are very tiny and fit behind your ear. No one will know you're wearing them.)

      I know many others will also give you advice. Good luck and I'm so glad you've found this site! :cat:
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      Hi Nicole :) in a newbie too and just wanted to say welcome. Everyone here is such a great support x
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      Hi, Nicole, and welcome!

      Jazz's advice (above) is excellent, and we hope you will go see a doctor, and then an audiologist. It's possible that treating your hearing loss will improve your tinnitus at the same time. I hope you'll report back to us after you've done that, to let us know how you're progressing. I certainly understand, because I have hearing loss, too (in one ear).

      In the meantime, I hope you're able to get some sleep. Many of us here take various supplements to help calm our tinnitus. If you'd like some suggestions, please let us know. I take magnesium every night, about an hour before sleep, and it really helps. It doesn't take away the tinnitus, but it does make it seem calmer, and it is easier to relax.

      We're glad you joined us, and wish you success on your tinnitus journey! Please let us know how we can help you. We're here to support one another!!

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