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      It's nice to chat with you all.
      My Tinnitus has been with me for around 20 years and was probably caused by spending a lot of my youth in very loud night clubs.
      I've been able to cope with it as it wasn't really that bad probably 2 out of 10 in loudness and only noticeable at bed time, however last month I woke up one morning with muffled hearing and the tinnitus had increased in volume to around an 8 out of 10. I visited my GP who advised that both ears were full of wax and micro suction was arranged. After micro suction the feeling of fullness was relieved instantly however the tinnitus and the muffled hearing remained ,my GP diagnosed Labrynthitis and prescribed Betahistine. A couple of days into treatment and I became very unstable on my feet and felt light headed. I stopped treatment and left things to settle. A couple of weeks on and I still have muffled hearing and tinnitus , I struggle to hear the TV and feel as though I am in a little world of my own. I can hear day to day sounds as normal but voices Seem muffled and at times distorted. I will visit my GP again next week to see what he comes up with. Before my symptoms started I was taking Fluconazole tablets for an infection and I am now wondering if these could be the culprit. Any advice would be welcome as at times I am finding it hard to carry on as normal and avoiding situations were I know I will struggle to hear what people are saying, as constantly having to say pardon is embarrassing . I just find it very odd that this all happened over night with no warning or gradual deterioration . Thanks for reading .
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      You need to see an ENT and get an audiological evalutation.

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