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      I do not know how I get tinnitus. I had tinnitus for a short time in the past. Right now, it comes back to me again.My tinnitus, I called it Mr.Stone.

      I am doing my engineering degree in second year. while I am having a lectures, Mr. Stone comes to visit me. It is hard for me to concentrate. Meanwhile, I feel exhausted quickly since I listen to two voices simultaneously. One is from the singing of Mr.Stone, another one is physical sound.I will feel lucky, if I block Mr.Stone for 30 minutes with full concentration on my lectures or homework. Mr.Stone has a bad behavior. He likes to sing loudly when the surrounding environment around me is very quiet. I am struggling on sleeping during the night or feeling frustrated during my studying time ...

      I try music therapy by listening to natural sound from Youtube. However, Mr.Stone does not like that way at all.I guess he wants me to be his only audience. I get moody or emotional and lost my control sometime. I do my best to constrain myself so that I do not look like a crazy insane person. I figure out one way to mediate the effect of tinnitus is practicing mindset, being peaceful and clam not matter what happens. I have been working on my mind by reading some psychology books. Hopefully, Mr.Stone will stop showing his performance to me one day. I appreciate that if you can share some techniques on coping with tinnitus. Thanks.
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      Music? Antibiotics? Infection? idk
      I have no techniques except to keep listening to it. Everytime I try whitenoise it just gets worse for the day. If I just listen to it and don't try to block it out it doesn't bother me.

      And I like your way of giving it a name. When it becomes my friend I will ask it for its name. :)
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum @phamton. Whether you know it or not, by calling T with a name, you are already practicing some aspect of mindfulness. You are humanizing T and by that you have minimized its negative impact on you. I used to do the same thing but calling my T with a name like my 'loud crying baby'. Mindfulness is a powerful strategy which will help the brain to create space for allowing the presence of some unpleasant sensations, such as pain, anxiety, and the loud T singing. You can google it or search youtube and it will show you how to do mindfulness meditation.

      For learning some techniques on coping with T, while some members will help you interactively here, the best approach is to read up as many success stories as you can. Members usually will share their strategies from the stories and you can apply some of that to see if you can be helped. I have listed some helpful strategies on my success story below. Take good care. God bless.

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