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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sophie, Apr 17, 2012.

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      January 19, 2012
      My name is Sophie.My tinnitus started on January 19, 2012. I was watching republican presidential debates when I started hearing some hissing or ringing noises in my ears. I didn't know first what it was. Got on the internet. Learned the word. In couple of days went to see my ENT. Had wax removed. I have a history of accumulating a lot of wax. T didn't go away. The doctor said millions of people have it, just live with it. I also felt nauseous in the beginning.
      Went to see two more ENTs, an audiologist and neuromascular dentist. The dentist said I have bad bite. I can hear clicking in my jaw. He wants to make special appliance for me to correct the bite. When I asked if it will stop tinnitus, he said he doesn't know. One ENT offered to try neuromanics therapy for $5000.00. Another offered notched music for $650.00. An audiologist said hearing aids wouldn't help me since my hearing is normal. The dentist treatment will cost $4000.00 plus. I had a head MRI, which came back normal. In the meantime I bought UST CD for tinnitus. I've been using it for 2 months. I don't see any improvement. I think I will return it before 3 months. First several weeks I was in panic. I could not stomach being this way for the rest of my life. I still can't. With time it becomes a little better.
      I am going to see another neuromascular dentist and another ENT in New York. She supposed to be a specialist in tinnitus. I would like to gather information and then make some choices.
      I am glad I found this site. People that don't have T can't understand what we are going through.
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      Hi Sophie,
      Welcome aboard. Lots of understanding people with good info here. Have a look around. Good luck.
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      Sophie, please let us know what all of the specialists recommend?

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      Hi Sophie!

      It's so weird how the hissing and sounds just show up! Happened to me that way.

      I understand about the panic.

      It will be good to follow you on your discoveries with the specialists. I appreciate your sharing.

      I have used the UST for 5 months. It has diminished mine to very low levels. I do it everyday and use the circulation one too. Actually I have several others and alternate. I am hitting the tinnitus with everything so see what sticks! haha! The sound therapy will take time. Healing and corrects - or order to the body systems need time to work. that is my take anyway. I don't know of any quick fast acting methods for any treatments... alternate or allopathic - conventional.

      There is promise of a seratonin treatment coming from the BTA - British Tinnitus Association that looks promising though if you are not into implants and surgeries witch may or may not work.

      Lots of stuff here to review. Hope to see you hang with us!

      Oh.... Are you taking any supplements as well?
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      Hi Sophie my name is Rosie . I too am new to this site. Mine started 7 years ago. I did get use to it but 2 weeks ago for some reason it got really bad. Very hard to deal with it now. Am going to see dr. Next week for what I don't know.
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      Hello Marrie11, nice to meet you.

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