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      my name here is JanP4, I was directed here when I searched "static or buzzing noise in head that gets worse in the evening". I'm 85, and do think I have a hearing loss. Where do I start with an ENT or an audiologist or my primary physician? Actually I don't recall how long this has been going on. Sometimes I get a heartbeat sound too. It's a thumping sound. But I jump a mile when the tenant upstairs drops something, LOL.
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      Start with an ENT.

      Most likely there is nothing that can be done to alleviate it (you will get used to it), but they can rule out anything serious such as acoustic neuroma.
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      Hi, @JanP4, and welcome!

      So sorry to hear you are experiencing the buzzing and static sounds. Yes, it is possible that you have some hearing loss, and I agree that an ENT is the best place to start, to get checked out and tested. Do you have the sound in one ear or both ears?

      If you do have hearing loss, you could consider trying hearing aids. These days, hearing aids may come with tinnitus masking background sound that might help take the edge off your tinnitus. You can try out hearing aids for 30 days for free, and if they don't work, you can return them.

      I have the heartbeat sound, too, but mine is constant. For me, it started after taking blood pressure medication.

      It's good to go to the doctor to get checked out, just to rule out any conditions that might need further treatment.

      Good luck, and please do update us on what your doctor has to say.

      Best wishes,
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      I like at the ripe age of 85 you use 'lol'...I overuse it myself, but, hey I have a nervous laugh in real life. I would say an audiologist would help more. But the best bet is to go to your GP as they can prescribe low doses of antidepressants which may help.

      Do you have hearing aides already? I know maskers can help people, so I would go and see a GP as you'd need a referral for both.

      I wish you the best of luck and do write back. I hope you get better ^_^.

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