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      I am new here, having tinnitus since 2 days.. It really bothers me much. I have my exam in 1 month. am not able to study please please help me out :(
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      Hi, Rukhaiya, and welcome to Tinnitus Talk!

      I'm so sorry you're having a problem with tinnitus, especially since you're a student studying for a big exam. How did your tinnitus begin? It is possible that, if you have a cold or sinus infection, the tinnitus will calm down when the cold or sinus problem gets better.

      In the meantime, there are things you can do. It's best not to use earbuds or play loud music directly into your ears. You can mask your tinnitus somewhat by playing white or pink noise in the background, or nature sounds such as running water, or fan noise. Also, your tinnitus will not seem as bad if you can get a good night's sleep. Do you have any sort of sleep aids to help you with sleep? If not, you can try melatonin for a few nights to see if it helps you.

      You can modify your diet, cutting out caffeine, alcohol, and sugars. Sometimes dietary changes can really help keep your tinnitus at a lower level. Also, I take natural supplements, such as magnesium, to calm my tinnitus and help with sleep.

      I'm sure other people on this forum will have additional suggestions for you. Please don't panic; things will improve with time, and for some people, their tinnitus even goes away completely. It depends on what the cause of it was.

      I wish you a peaceful evening,

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