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Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Artmuzz, Dec 20, 2018.

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      I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for years and got panic disorder after a big panic attack I had in 2015. I also suffer from tinnitus in my right ear and recently been getting occasional low bassy tinnitus in my right ear too which sounds like a parked track outside with its engines on.

      Anyway, just this week I had an appointment with my nurse to check my weight and blood pressure and got into a panic when I found out my blood pressure is high at 147/97. The nurse told me to get another blood pressure checked again the following day. I am also obese and 84 pounds overweight. I don’t understand this because I am a non-smoker and I don’t drink much and my diet is kind of ok and I walk every day and cycle about 6 miles a week.

      I appeared for my appointment and another nurse checked my blood pressure again but this time it is higher at 167/97. This is making me worry and I don’t want to get upset because this will only add fuel to the fire of anxiety and panic disorder that I suffer.

      I have to get my blood pressure checked again in 2 weeks time and I am really worried.
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      Long duration of low audio
      I have anxiety panic disorder as well which I have been able to get under control and not have an attack in several months. I was also worried about my blood pressure. it would raise greatly at doctors offices which worsened my anxiety because my anxiety is based on concern for my heart. But I would check my pressure at home with a friend for support and saw it would at times be lower and the doctor told me I don't have high blood pressure because it would never be periodically lower like that. it would always be higher. I'm sure your anxiety is affecting yours as well but since you had mentioned you are obese, I would try to loose as much of that weight as possible since it was a reason doctors told me it could be a cause because it creates a stagnation in the body.

      before tinnitus, I used to cycle 13 miles a day. about a 1 hour ride. I just felt the longer I ride, the more weight I could lose. It doesn't have to be intense. Just keep riding. Sometimes I would hit 1.5 hours. Had to get a really comfy seat and a additional seat pad. counting calories, monitoring how many I burn on the bike with my iPhone + GPS really helped. The biggest contributor to me losing weight was cutting down carbs and sugar and ate more fats like nuts and unsweetened whole fat yogurt and peanut butter as a treat.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      Sean, what do you do for blood pressure as mine has gone up? Doc gave me Atenoltol and the tinnitus went through the roof. Is there a blood pressure med that works? Thank you. In now on Clonodine?

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