High Pitched Tinnitus Caused by Playing in a Band or Cleaning My Ears with Water in the Shower?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by erhar, Mar 26, 2020.

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      I have had tinnitus since last Friday when I really began to notice it. I play in a band, so maybe it was building up but I didn't notice it before. But after a shower I had, where I also cleaned my ears with the water, I began to hear a (very) high pitched sound, somewhere around 16000 Hz. Strange thing is when I lay in bed, I kinda hear white noise, not the high pitched one and also not really loud. But when I hear the a little bit of sound, the high pitched sound comes over/through the external sound.

      It's like I just came back from a rock concert without ear protection...

      Are there more 'sufferers' with this kind of tinnitus?
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      IMAX Movie
      Lots. Some call it reactive tinnitus... some will call it hyperacusis. Probably related. I've read from many posters that this is kind of common with high frequency tinnitus. I am a month in so not sure what to tell you. We all hope is fades... but I've found more that haven't than have faded on here.

      Sorry this happened to you. I am sorry it happened to me. Hopefully we get lucky.

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      Fall from stairs
      Don't use the water jet to clean your ears. Any kind of power tool can be dangerous there, never mind the uncontrolled ones such as the shower.

      Instead, get a bulb like this. Its force isn't powerful enough to cause damage, but it cleans the ear with ease. I got one ten years ago and it still serves me well. Just fill it up with water (mild temperature, not cold, not warm), and empty it in your ear (above the sink) with a strong squeeze.

      Concerning your T: good chance you have some water behind the ear drum, or some mild damage that causes this. Give it some time to heal and try to ignore the noise by distracting yourself. I'm no doctor of course, but this sounds to me like it should fade again.

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