Hissing/Ringing in Ears Soon After Taking Amlodipine

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      I had a vertigo attack a couple of months ago. My doctor found a “growth” near my left eardrum and has referred me to Audiology. At the same time I was prescribed Amlodipine. Previously I occasionally “heard” something in my left ear but soon after taking Amlodipine I developed a hissing/ringing noise - mainly in my right ear (it’s quite loud now).

      I wondered if the Amlodipine caused the hissing/ringing? I came off of it for a week but the tinnitus remained about the same. After going back on Amlodipine, the ringing has got worse so perhaps I should have waited longer.

      Any advice/views?
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      Noise induced
      Amlodipine is listed as being able to cause ringing in the ears. I have been taking it for many years to help control blood pressure. It hasn't affected my tinnitus in the slightest. Talk to your doctor before stopping this medication particularly if it's taken to control blood pressure. If blood pressure isn't controlled, there's the risk of having a stroke, kidney damage, heart problems and even death. Sorry to be so sobering but blood pressure is not something to play around with.

      If your tinnitus is linked to vertigo this needs to be investigated by an ENT doctor.

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      stress/adrenalin + forgetting to breathe enough when online
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