Holiday Season

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amanda~, Nov 27, 2016.

    1. Amanda~

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      Does anyone else find that the holiday season just makes things worse?

      All the loud music,
      Family either arguing or just yelling in general,
      Crowds of people in stores,
      People ringing those loud bells for donations,
      Etc, etc, etc.

      It may just be me, but I find myself wanting to stay home more around this time of year.
    2. Reinier
      Not amused

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      Explosion starting engine
      No replies?
      I don't like this month. I hate the fireworks.
      It also reminds me of the fact that the family visits are difficult for me. This blasted hyperacusis and distortion is the reason.
      Not family arguing (-; I am happy to say.
      After my NIHL I prefer to stay home. Not only in December but whole year around.
      Let's see what December next year will be like.
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    3. Juan

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      Several causes
      Family meetings, work dinners etc are more or less ok, bearable, but the fact that anyone can throw a firecracker pretty much anywhere at any time is a pretty bad thing when one has hyperacusis...
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    4. Lex

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      Bad decisions
      I missed so many Christmas parties this year. :(:(
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