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      Hello everyone, excuse me but I do not speak English, I use google translator.
      I hope that by telling my story, I can help someone
      Maybe someone reading will be able to help me understand how it is possible what I am experiencing

      This is my short story: http://www.freeforumzone.com/d/11427805/Speranza-reale-/discussione.aspx

      I decided to write in this forum because I read that others have this low frequency tinnitus and suffer a lot for this.
      I suffered a lot too, now I had lost hope and desire to live, now my life is better than before, I hope to be of help that can help someone who has passed what I have spent

      In this forum I have seen many experts who are certainly more informed than me, I would like to understand how it is possible to turn off the tinnitus with a sound, which mechanism can intervene.
      I'm not talking about masking, tinnitus disappears totally, even if not definitively

      Excuse me again for the bad English
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      I am happy for you. Did you habituated to low frequency tinnitus??? What helped you??
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      Meniere's Disease
      Tinnitus can be hard to mask but finding what ever helps you cope better is a positive move towards coping better.
      For low sound tinnius a sea sound or utube easyjet masking sound can give you some relief but more important is you are feeling relaxed with it and your ears ok with the sound.
      Love glynis

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