How Can I Ever Habituate if My Tinnitus Gets Reactivated Over and Over Again

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lyrica, Dec 17, 2015.

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      Im desperate. I have tinnitus for 3 years now, the neurological version. It started after a fire alarm went off 20cm from my left ear wich resulted in acute pain and deafness. Now i have mild high frequency hearing loss in that ear. Ever since that moment i cannot bear sounds any longer and it has never been quiet in my left ear.

      First my tinnitus was a beep. Then a metal bowl fell 10cm before my head creating a very sharp painfull noise. After that particular event the beep turned into a pulsating electrical machine type of sound. This sound has been the same for 2 years now.

      In the last 2 years the tinnitus intensity has been going up and down. One year ago i bought a tinnitus masker device and wore it for a year. But after a year i was done with it. I thought 3 years is enough suffering for something that wasn't even my own doing! So i tought to hell with this tinnitus sound i will act as if it doesnt exist.

      For three weeks i tried activly to change my focus, to completely ignore the tinnitus and restore my concentration. Then suddenly from one day to another the tinnitus intensity dropped to a point were the sound was barely noticable. I actually started to believe that i might be cured soon.

      But then it started all over again.. A door made a very sharp annoying sound close to my left ear, and later that day some people laughed and shouted close to my ear. That's all it took. Now my tinnitus is COMPLETELY back. It feels as if there is 200voltage on my auditory cortex.

      How can i every accept my tinnitus and habutate if it constantly gets reactivated by everyday sounds like cars, falling objects, laughing people. Sound that are probably not even harmfull to the ears but some how feed my tinnitus.
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      Hi Lyrica,
      I am sorry to hear of the discomfort that you’re going through with your tinnitus. It seems as if you might have hyperacuis too. I think it would be best to go back to ENT to see if they can offer any help.

      Wearing the masker/white noise generator is a good move in my opinion. However, were you wearing 1 or 2? Ideally, 2 should be worn to keep your auditory system in balance. Their volume should also be correctly adjusted. This means setting the volume of the white noise just below your tinnitus.

      It would also be best to use a sound machine at night by your bedside for sound enrichment. This will help to treat the tinnitus and hyperacusis. If you sleep in a quiet room at the moment it’s not a good idea as the brain has the ability to increase its background activity and making the tinntius louder.

      Please click on the link below to read my threads as you may find them helpful.

      All the best

      PS: if you listen to audio through headphones, then I advise that you stop, even at low volume.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      the nail right on the head. It changes always challenging you never stays the same. Please someone some business make at least some relief!
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