How Did This Happen to Me?

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      Hi everyone,

      I just want to put my story out there in hopes that someone else has maybe gone through the same type of scenario and can help me in any way.

      A little bit of a background. For the past few years I've had this "crackling" fluid sound in my left ear. I found myself alway poking and prodding and trying to get rid of the noise. Showers/steam seamed to help but nothing was a permanent fix. It didn't start getting that bad until just a few months ago when I started waking up with the sound/feeling every morning. It would usually be gone after a few hours but it was still very annoying.

      I started off by visiting an ear specialist at Mass Eye and Ear. I work in Boston so this was just a quick walk up the street for me. He told me he didn't see any issues with my ear - cleaned my ears - and then told me it could be the result of a few different things:

      1. gastric reflux
      2. post nasal drip/allergies
      3. grinding my teeth at night causing inflammation

      So, I left and thought about things for a few days. I tried over the counter prilosec and a mouth guard for a few weeks - didn't really seem to help. The ear doctor referred me to a laryngologist.

      Fast forward a few weeks, I make an appointment with laryngologist. They sprayed Afrin and lidocaine (I believe) up my nose and performed an endoscopy. He did see a little inflammation but not enough to be concerned. He recommended trying prescription prilosec and rinitidine. I started this on a Tuesday 3/10. I wanted instant results - which I was not getting so I made an appointment to see allergist.

      I went to allergist Friday 3/13. She did a skin test and I found out I'm allergic to dust mites, grass and maple. She started me on flonase and also told me to take allegra daily.

      That night my tinnitus started while sitting on the couch - out of nowhere.

      I kept taking the flonase and called the allergist over the weekend to tell her my ears were ringing. The doctor on the phone said it was probably just me finally being able to hear after my ears became unclogged but I don't believe that. She started me on another nasal spray.

      The ringing continued through the weekend so I called my PCP on Wednesday and she saw me right away. She looked in my ear and said I had an ear infection. Since the flonase and ringing on friday my sinuses have been sore, my nose was stuffy/ etc. She started me on doxycyclin which didn't help with the ringing so after a few days she gave me prednisone as well.

      It's now been 11 days with tinnitus. I feel as though it's gone down a TAD since the beginning but it's still very much there.

      I have an appointment back to the ear specialist tomorrow at 930 - Not sure if it's from ear infection, wax buildup, allergies, or what...

      Does anyone have any thoughts on h0w this could have happened and if they think it will be permanent???

      Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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      Sorry to hear about your tinnitus and I hope it isn't permanent. Mine started just out of nowhere too. I don't go to parties, no loud music, no head injuries.. it just appeared around 5:30 in the morning. Next month, I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with this never ending buzz...
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      high pitch hearing loss, both ears, right is worse
      I am new to this site and there are many more folks who could probably give you much more information than me. Sure sounds like you have been through the ringer with expert professionals! I have a crackling in my ear now, but last February 17 it was a roaring lion in my ear. I strongly suspect in my case it may have been from seeing the movie Unbroken. The whole time I had my fingers in my ears. A short time after that is when I came down with the roaring for a few weeks, and has since morped into several different sounds. Hissing, crackling, high pitch monotone, soft breezy blowing, tone drops low once in a while and the volume goes up and down. I notice in the morning it is low volume but by the evening, it is a high pitch noise on a scale of 1 to 10 it is about a 4. I take Lorazepan to sleep. I already had a prescription for it prior to this ear disturbance, for insomnia. I had a hearing test done and I have hearing loss in both ears, mostly my right which is giving me the T. Everyday, it seems to slowly be getting better. Today I took a walk and I felt so wonderful when I got back. Almost like my blood needed to circulate. My ear was tame when I got home. But sitting here writing at my computer, the high pitch is coming back for it's evening visit. I keep an earplug in it for the time being until I can get to the audiologist to discuss my options, probably hearing aids.

      I am no doctor, but what you are describing could be a lot of things. Ringing in the ears could be from exposure to very loud noise, ear infection, hearing loss, ototoxic drugs (look that up, ie, asprin, there are over 400 drugs out there that cause ringing in the ear, of which I just learned.) I am told that in my case, hearing aids will help me out a great deal. Fortunately, I get a 30 day trial period to see if they work or I like them. If not, there is something out there called white/pink noise to mask the annoying sound. I prefer to sit in a quite room to calm my ear down. Music from my youth, is preferable to the online "tinnitus" music. But, every person is unique in how they handle there noise. I am still discovering ways to cope and live with this T. Everyday gets better, emotionally I was a total wreck a while back and sometimes I just cry and it helps. But, I am going to continue to look forward to my life, especially since I am so close to retiring. I have lots to do and intend to do them.

      If your T continues, maybe you could consider a hearing test. If you are uncomfortable, maybe you could take something to help you sleep. Sleep is very important. I wish you well and bless you. Nancy
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      Welcome! I see your doctors prescribing everything under the sun. As Robinbird has mentioned, many antibiotics and drugs, are ototoxic (ear poison) and can start, or exacerbate T. I would strongly suggest Googling a list of ototoxic meds. Prednisone initially, is a good thing, If you have acoustic trauma or sensorineural hearing loss. But it doesn't sound like you do?

      I'm not a doctor (although I play one on TV!) and my advice would be to stop these meds for a few days and see if your T calms down.

      I do natural, holistic supplements only. The key is to try and get inflammation down within the inner ear. Try some NAC and Methyl B-12. GNC has these supplements. Stay clear of pain meds like Aspirin, etc.

      God bless,


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